Know Your farmers

Echo Valley Farm began seven years ago with 2 gallons of fresh milk that my mother brought to me.

Seven years ago I was a mortgage broker, I had been a originating loans for about 12 years when the financial markets and real estate market collapsed, during that time my mother came to visit me and brought me 2 gallons of fresh raw milk, being skeptical of this "newfangled" raw milk idea and concerned about my 3 year old daughters safety I made myself the lab rat so to speak, I agreed to try this "raw milk" first and if all went well I would give it to my daughter and during that time I began researching the benefits of raw milk and I was totally shocked at what I had learned (this video was probably the most compelling piece of information I found ) and how much BETTER I felt after drinking a gallon of raw milk so I started giving it to my daughter and daily she begged me for more, her sweet little body understanding the value of the nutrition wanting more and in another devinely orchestrated meeting my neighbor from a few miles up the road stopped by my house and coincidentally she had a milk cow, knowing the financial belt was tightening around me she offered me a part-time job milking her cow as she needed a relief milker.

I was in love, so I began milking a single cow for myself, by June 2009 the law had been passed opening herd shares in Tennessee, then my friends were coming to me asking me if they could buy into the cow, so Echo Valley was born and quite by accident I became a full time farm.

For the last six years it has been my privilege to serve my herd sharing families.

Suzanne Thompson

Owner, Operator

Ariel Hooper

Executive Assistant,
Senior Farm Hand

Abraham Gale

Ground Maintenance,
Additional Support


In House Courier,
Official Milk Drinker